Take Risk

I’ve been thinking a lot this past week about risk. I’m not usually someone who settles down, but I also don’t always persue big scary daunting tacks. I enjoy frequent change as my attention span is very limited. But until recently, most goals I’ve persued have been within my circle of comfort.

I had been ok with this, or possibly even unaware of it. This year though, I’ve had some huge goals that I really want to reach. One of them being to make it on a team for the CrossFit Games in 2018. I’ve been told “it’s not possible”, “you probably can’t”, “that takes way too much work”, and “sorry but it probably won’t happen.”

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Three Verses of Encouragement

It’s been busy weekend, but I’ve commmitted to posting every Monday. So here are three verses which really stood out to me this week that I wanted to share.

This verse got me thinking, if I put so much time and effort into my CrossFit training, should I not also be putting at least was much effort into my spiritual training? It was very convicting for me.

This verse came as an encouragement. Sometimes I feel exhausted and lost. “Am I on the right path?” I ask myself. After reading this I felt more empowered to just keep working and moving forward. It is not about me, it is all about Him!

This is my favorite verse. Today I was feeling a bit low. Maybe it was because of the weather. But I’m not sure about that. There isn’t always an explanation, depression sucks! However, I reminded myself of this verse and proceeded to keep pushing on, seeking strength from Him.
Hope you all have an incredible week! I’ll have something more for next Monday.

Bamboo, Planting for Long Term Results

Have you ever heard of the Chinese Bamboo tree? Do you know how it is grown? For years, the farmer must water the seed. He will continue to do this without seeing any results, not even a sprout, until the fifth year. But once it sprouts, the bamboo will grow at a very alarming rate. Just 5 weeks after the first sign of life, it can grow up to 90 feet tall!

If you are pouring yourself into your goals, results will eventually come. And the reward will be worth the wait. I spent 2 years trying to Continue reading Bamboo, Planting for Long Term Results