cropped-alex_ray_headshots_2017jan08_0015.jpgMy name is Alex Ray. I’m aCrossFit competitor, nutrition coach, and photographer. My passion is to help people realize their potential.

Growing up was difficult mentally for me. By the time I was 10 I started noticing my attractions to other men. This was terrifying for me. As a Christian in a conservative¬†family and church, I thought that ‘gay = hell’. I did not want these feelings, I did not ask for them. I prayed for things to change, but God did not see fit to grant me my wish (he’s not a genie after all). Thus began my journey of internal confusion and conflict.

I am proud to say that today I still have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. But with my commitment to singleness is not an easy choice.

This is my story in real time.