Take Risk

I’ve been thinking a lot this past week about risk. I’m not usually someone who settles down, but I also don’t always persue big scary daunting tacks. I enjoy frequent change as my attention span is very limited. But until recently, most goals I’ve persued have been within my circle of comfort.

I had been ok with this, or possibly even unaware of it. This year though, I’ve had some huge goals that I really want to reach. One of them being to make it on a team for the CrossFit Games in 2018. I’ve been told “it’s not possible”, “you probably can’t”, “that takes way too much work”, and “sorry but it probably won’t happen.”

Whenever someone says any of theses things, you have two options. Either listen and give up or let their doubt fuel your fire to try harder. What is there to loose? In my case I’m already not at the Games. I can’t be any more not at the Games than I already am. If I try hard and get there, that would be incredible! If I try hard and don’t make it, at least it’s going to be one fucking awesome, sweaty, exhilarating fight!

No goal is too big. Many people set small attainable goals because they were taught that ‘attainable’ is key to success. Well, it is not. By setting small goals you agree to settle for less. You are already telling yourself that you have limits. Don’t do that. Don’t set limits. Sure you cannot do ANYTHING. But you can try!

‘Attainable’ goals don’t venture outside your comfort zone. Your comfort zone contains very little area for improvement. If you set a 100 yard goal and only make it 90 yard, you still accomplished 90 yards! If you set a 15 yard goal and make it 25 yards, cool you passed your goal. But you still only accomplished 25 yards!

No one has ever made an impact by staying comfortable.

If you have a dream or aspiration, make it a goal. Go for it! When people tell you, “you can’t succeed at blank.” Prove them wrong. By not trying you’ve already failed. The least you could do would be to give yourself the opportunity to have an adventure and try!

Set goals outside your comfort zone. People should laugh at you because your goals seem so unattainable. May their doubt be your fire. NEVER SETTLE.


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