Three Verses of Encouragement

It’s been busy weekend, but I’ve commmitted to posting every Monday. So here are three verses which really stood out to me this week that I wanted to share.

This verse got me thinking, if I put so much time and effort into my CrossFit training, should I not also be putting at least was much effort into my spiritual training? It was very convicting for me.

This verse came as an encouragement. Sometimes I feel exhausted and lost. “Am I on the right path?” I ask myself. After reading this I felt more empowered to just keep working and moving forward. It is not about me, it is all about Him!

This is my favorite verse. Today I was feeling a bit low. Maybe it was because of the weather. But I’m not sure about that. There isn’t always an explanation, depression sucks! However, I reminded myself of this verse and proceeded to keep pushing on, seeking strength from Him.
Hope you all have an incredible week! I’ll have something more for next Monday.


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